What is UCT Asia? What does it do

What is UCT Asia? What does it do

UCT (Asia) is a Procured Based Agency in Asia that specialises in supplying the world’s leading Marketing, Procurement, and Fulfilment agencies with Point of Sale, Merchandise, POS Displays, Supposed to serve Materials, Loyalty Rewards, Marketing and branding Items, Free gifts, Goodies, Retail Items, and Printed Materials. UCT (Asia), founded in 2003, serves as a subcontractor for the world’s leading Advertising Companies, Marketing Procurement, and Fulfilment agencies, from product creation to manufacturing and delivery. They have extensive knowledge of the Drinks, Tobacco, Food, and Hospitality Sector, in which they have specialised since its founding, but they also help the partners with projects involving other FMCG marketing strategies. They have been audited and certified by Sedex, and corporate responsibility and ethical sourcing have always been one of their core values, along with quality, competitive pricing, creativity, and reactivity. They own or operate production workshops in a way that ensures strict quality control, extensive control, and extremely competitive prices. They have retailers in their three primary offices in Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Bangkok, but they also have merchant implants in their factories. UCT can generate and source anything and everything from anywhere. It is true that they are among the best Procurement Agency in Asia.

More about UCT

At UCT (Asia), they make sure that everyone follows the rules of honesty and integrity.

They strive to be innovative and to provide you with cutting-edge merchandise sales solutions and products. They follow laws, regulations, trademarks, and ethics, and Corporate Responsibility is a priority for us. They promise to adhere to service and product quality standards, as well as delivery dates and competitive pricing.They have always been and will continue to be flexible with our partners and clients.

Since its inception in 2003, it has grown to include an integrated design design studio, functional prototypes and R&D centre, production facilities, merchandisers, and engineers. Every management team member has a track record of success and a thorough understanding of marketing, trade, and production.

UCT (Asia) provides customised solutions for the creation and distribution of branded items and marketing materials. They can assist you in inventing products, engineering them, designing them, revamping and improving them, producing prototypes, going to mass production, packaging them, inspecting their quality, organising logistics, importing them in the place of export, protecting their business assets, and assisting with their global distribution through their four offices and network of distributors worldwide.