Why a patio roof? Advantages and more

Why a patio roof? Advantages and more

The patio roof is always a subjective decision that everyone has to make for themselves. Nevertheless, he should deal with both the advantages and disadvantages of a patio roof.

What are the advantages of covering the terrace?

The advantages of a patio screen enclosures in Tulsa, OK depend heavily on the materials used. The advantages of aluminum are the low maintenance requirements and the resistance to almost all weather conditions. The material is also rust-free. If you choose wood for the patio roof, you should use glued timber, because this is more stable than solid wood and can also carry heavy roofing.

Aluminum patio roofs add value to your home. Protected from the weather, you can sit outside and drink your coffee or celebrate with guests. Aluminum has proven itself as a construction material for decades.

The supporting structure of the patio roof

For patio roofs made of aluminum, construction elements made of powder-coated aluminum are used for both the load-bearing elements and the profiles of the roofing. Aluminum has a number of advantages over other materials:

  • The material is light but strong.
  • Aluminum is weather resistant and will not rust.
  • The powder coating allows you to choose different colors.
  • Aluminum patio roofs can be designed individually.
  • Aluminum profiles and aluminum beams are almost as light as wooden components, but stronger.
  • Unlike steel profiles, those made of aluminum do not rust. In addition, they are significantly lighter.
  • The maintenance effort is minimal.

As an alternative to aluminum patio roofs, you can also choose structures made of wood or steel. Terrace roofs with load-bearing parts made of wood look good. They spread a rustic ambience. On the other hand, however, they require relatively intensive maintenance. They must be painted or impregnated at regular intervals to protect them from the effects of the weather and insect pests. Wood that comes into direct contact with the soil is very prone to rot. A load-bearing structure made of steel is often chosen. However, compared to aluminum patio roofs, it is considerably heavier. Since steel tends to rust, the beams and frames need to be painted regularly.