Know why massages are useful

Know why massages are useful

Many cultures have always performed massages.  They have a long-established tradition, especially in spa in Huntington Beach, CA.  Kneading cures are an integral part of medical treatment methods, as are acupuncture and natural medicines.  In some countries, massage was reserved exclusively for trained therapists such as physiotherapists whose clients included professional athletes or chronically ill people.  It seems that massage is not only a pleasant wellness service but effective and valuable in alternative medicine.

Release energies

Where negative burdens are massaged away, there is room for positive energies. With the Shiatsu massage and many other variants, the energetic flow in the body is stimulated. By stimulating the pathways (meridians), energy is released and tension is reduced. The so-called Qi, the life energy, is brought back into balance.

Boosting the Immune

System The release of positive energy and the stimulating effects of serotonin improve our health by boosting the immune system. Risk factors for diseases can be reduced or prevented. Stress or inner restlessness, on the other hand, weakens us and can be eliminated with a stimulating massage.

Relaxation, rest, well-being

 A proven way to ensure relaxation and recreation is a vacation.  Massages are like mini-vacations that allow us to have relaxing and restorative situations in everyday life.  A real treat for body and soul!

 moments of pleasure

 Anyone who indulges in a massage and can “let go” during the treatment will experience full enjoyment.  Such moments help us to get through the hectic workday or stressful everyday life well.  You just have to be able to get involved and believe in the effect.

 joy and life energy

 The feeling after a massage is happy.  The happiness hormones stimulated during the massage lead to this and increase well-being and motivation.  If you meet someone on the street with a relaxed smile, they may have just had a massage.

 The benefits of massage are numerous and apply to almost everyone.  Body and mind benefit from them if you can get involved in the therapy.  Only then can the message unfold its full effect.  Whatever you expect from the treatment – relieve tension, enjoy a good quality sleep, reduce stress or enjoy a moment of well-being – the decision as to which service is right for you is entirely up to you.