Your retirement is all in your hands

Your retirement is all in your hands


Reverse mortgages are a complex financing program that needs extensive research and knowledge to guarantee the best option for you and your household. It is critical to deal with a seasoned professional that specializes entirely in reverse mortgages to ensure success.

The issue now is, what should you do next to get the financing process started? Many elderly homeowners reach a point when they are certain they want the loan, but they are unsure how to begin or how fast the credit will take to complete.

This may seem too simple, and some additional issues may arise along the route, but these are the procedures that every borrower must go through to get a reverse mortgage loan process in the first place.

The procedure to get started

All reverse mortgage applicants are expected to get counseling from an external following counseling service that has been authorized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Typically, the borrower is responsible for this cost. Seek the advice of your Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator, and make every effort to do this as quickly as possible. The majority of the time, therapy may be performed over the phone. One Certificate to retain and one to send back to the office are included in the package you get.

With no Certificate signed by all debtors and the Counselor, the loan cannot be initiated, and no lender may begin processing the case until the Certificate is obtained. The majority of borrowers choose to get counseling over the phone, although in-person counseling is also available.

A financial review of each applicant’s credit history, property tax payments, and other credit factors is required by HUD to ensure the HECM loan’s long-term achievement over time. These factors will be evaluated to determine a borrower’s willingness and financial capacity to meet the loan’s ongoing obligations.

The lender will request title work, an appraisal of the property, and a credit report and will begin the process of gathering all of the papers required to finalize the transaction.


If your loan has been authorized by underwriting, you will be notified. To finalize your loan paperwork, the Reverse Mortgage Group will call you to set up a meeting to sign them. They will validate your payment plan or partial lump-sum payment at this point. If you decide to cancel the loan after signing the closing paperwork, you will have three business days to do so after signing the documents.