Making Gemstone Cookies

Making Gemstone Cookies

Gemstones have become a component of the party themes. Many people consider them chic and opt for these as the central themes for their parties. While it is easy to handle decorations, it cannot be easy to incorporate them into the party cuisine. From sparkly drinks served in studded glasses to sparkly main dishes, people can avail many services from professional caterers, but when it comes to a small get-together, one cannot spend so much money on such things. So the only option left is to prepare such stuff by themselves, which adds a home-like touch. Thus, this article will guide you through tips on making gemstone cookies at home by yourself in easy steps.

The layout

For shaping the cookies, you have to find a simple geometrical cutter and cut the dough in these shapes. You can find a cutter online or in the local market. If you have a 3-D printer, you can even design your cutter and make them.

If you feel stuck, you can take some ideas from the internet or some promotions


For decorating the gemstone cookies, you can adopt a simple approach and use simple fondant icing. You can use plain white-colored fondant, which will make it easier to absorb colors. You can use sprinkles or simple shading techniques to make them look fancy.

You can shade the shapes using a pink and blue sheen which gives them a look of actual shining gemstone.

You can finish the look by layering it with some added golden or silver icing to outline it, making it look clean and tidy. Finally, serving these in a shiny dish with hints of pink and blue can enhance their artistic value.


These gemstone cookies can make your occasions extra tasty while adding a hint of shine to them. If you are preparing for a small gathering, they are must-haves.