Idgod-The Ticket To Enjoy Life

Idgod-The Ticket To Enjoy Life

Have you ever wished to pass by the nightclub bouncer without any hurdle, or are you tired of being stopped at the movie theater from watching “R” and “A” rated movies even though you are of the appropriate age? Is this problem persisting because your school hasn’t yet issued you a new id card, and the delay in events costs you your share of fun? If the answer to all these questions is a “yes,” then you have arrived at the right place! The thought of fake ids can trigger a person’s moral compass and start to shut the thought there and there. However, idgod has been curated specifically for teenagers and youth to help them enjoy their life to the fullest.

What are the benefits of this fake id?

The entire idea behind the initiation of this fake id is to allow youngsters to have their fair share of fun. It might sound illegal to some, but these are not official ids that are to be shown in government offices but just for the sake of fun.


  • They are just like any fake money exchanged by children during their playtime to bring a realistic touch to their fun. It is something everyone knows is fake, and for the sake of entertainment of the fake kids, the same logic applies for these idgodfake ids. They are just for entering concerts, discos, and nightclubs.
  • Fake ids are designed so that they look similar and sometimes the same as the original. The material is also taken into consideration while making these identification marks. They can sometimes protect these students from bad companies as no one in their right minds wants to meddle with children from prestigious companies.
  • The making charges are expensive with a starting price of $100, which is to ensure no foul play on the part of the student.


There can be possible misuse of these fake ids, but certain company policies make sure that no one tries to take disadvantages of these ids. The policies ensure that there is a thorough checking before taking orders for the id.