Hydrangea – Adding a Slice of Nature to Your Wedding Decor

Hydrangea – Adding a Slice of Nature to Your Wedding Decor

Hydrangeas are large, voluminous, brightly colored masses of splendor that make up the majority of wedding décor and flower arrangements in the modern era. Flowers come in many shades and are amazingly versatile, helping them blend in with all kinds of themes, décor, color palettes, and wedding arrangements. They are available year-round to make jewelry and bridal bouquets, decorate cakes, escort cards, ceremonies, aisles, altars, and add sparkle to corsages, buttonholes, and a variety of other wedding decorating compositions.

Flowers fill the space easily and can add great texture and color to any wedding flower arrangement. They are basically two wedding bouquets on their own, and this gives them an edge over other wedding petals for wedding arrangements. They can add the perfect depth and volume to a bridal bouquet, which is why brides all over the world love lush, fluffy, and voluminous petals.

While they tend to be a bit pricier in the off-season, their large head and voluminous volume essentially mean that only a few stems are needed to make the perfect statement in terms of bridal bouquets and various other arrangements.

Are you getting married in shorts too and need help using hydrangeas for your wedding bouquets? Well, here are some hydrangea bridesmaid bouquets for your inspiration:


Essential white:

Mini white hydrangeas with ivy and eucalyptus together form a stunning white bridesmaids bouquet in traditional or romantic style.

Simple bouquet:

A long-stemmed hydrangea bridal bouquet secured with a ribbon looks elegant and sophisticated for a wedding or bridesmaids. For added elegance, you can even add rhinestones or pearls to the entire composition.

With the breath of a baby:

Hydrangea bridesmaids bouquets secured with burlap and lace can be a good option for a wedding party looking for something simple and sophisticated.

Ideas for weddings with blue hydrangeas:

When it comes to the bridal flower industry, there aren’t many bridal accents that come in natural blue. And this is the reason why blue hydrangea blossoms are always in high demand and circling all year round. They can easily be used to add the perfect shade of blue to flower arrangements and important details in the day’s décor. Shades of blue are perfect for all types of wedding decoration and flower arrangements and easily create an impression on their own or even in combination with others.

You can easily use blue hydrangea flowers in blue-stained masonry jars or even twine-wrapped vases to give your tables a vintage, rustic look. The flowers can also serve as a wonderful decoration or even decoration for your candle holders and other wedding decoration details. They could even be used as huge balloons suspended from the ceiling just a few feet above the reception tables.

Hydrangea bouquets for bridesmaids are quite a classy and easy choice for a wedding, and they can show your charm perfectly at your wedding party to create a whimsical and charming atmosphere for the entire ceremony.