Things to know about direct mailing services in Rochester, MN

Things to know about direct mailing services in Rochester, MN

Direct mailing services in Rochester, MN, may help you increase your sales by conveying the appropriate message to the right person at the right time. Direct mail is a viable and relevant marketing tactic. Many studies suggest that up to 90% of direct mail is opened because print marketing is a reliable media channel.

Postal regulations and rules

The design of your letter piece is the first step in creating a successful direct mail campaign. Before planning a campaign, you must be informed of the most recent postal laws. This knowledge influences the size of your mail item and the postal prices.

  •    Optimization of postal services-To reduce postal costs balance technology, logistics, and the size of your mailing. A postal and freight feasibility assessment can assist you in obtaining the best rates.
  •    USPS verification on-site– You accelerate your time to market when you can check critical mailing data in-house. It all starts with a check for a National Change of Address (NCOA).
  •    Postal transportation- The less your mail needs to be sorted when it arrives at the sorting facility, the more money you’ll save. Techniques such as commingling, presorting, consolidation, and co-palletization aid in mail sorting, saving time and money.

Personalization and variable data printing

Brands want direct mailing services that use cutting-edge marketing automation technologies. Variable data printing is one method for accomplishing this (VDP). This enables you to alter one or more aspects of a direct mail piece (text, color, images, etc.) without affecting the printing process. As a result, if you choose, you may print millions of customized, targeted direct mail pieces in a single run.

Consider automated direct mail for:

  • Reactivation of customers. Send a direct mail piece to clients to let them know you miss them to bring them “back in the fold.” Determine the period of inactivity required to trigger the message, then incorporate a sales incentive.
  • Non-responders on the internet. Send a direct mail piece as a change of pace if your email marketing activities fall on deaf ears. Set a number of ignored emails as the trigger for the direct mail piece. To track your results, use a customized URL or a promo code.