Know Everything About Asia Die Casting Company In Malaysia!

Know Everything About Asia Die Casting Company In Malaysia!

If you’re looking for an asia die casting company in Malaysia, don’t worry; this article will walk you through the process step by step so you can understand what die casting is and how it’s done. EKO is a prominent doe casting company with a large number of chances for you to get outstanding designs.

About EKO

EKO’s steady expansion is motivated not only by a desire to provide customers with high-quality die casting and sheet metal parts but also by a desire to provide mechanical subassembly processes in the control room that meet or exceed customer expectations and demonstrate that we are the best, all while raising Malaysia’s international profile.

Types of die-cutting casting 

  1. Aluminium die casting

Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing method in which aluminum (or aluminum alloys) is molted under high pressure to make custom-shaped, defined, smooth, and textured-surface parts. The cold chamber dies casting process is more frequent due to aluminum’s high melting temperature of 1150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Asia Die Casting Company

The aluminum dies casting process is quite simple, thanks to the utilization of a steel mold to quickly make huge volumes of castings.

  1. Custom zinc die casting

Zinc alloys are made up of a combination of metals in precise proportions. A typical workpiece, for example, might have 7% to 10% tin, 4% to 7% copper, and 86 percent zinc. It’s a versatile, cost-effective, and easy-to-cast material that’s frequently utilized to create specialized parts and components for a variety of industrial applications, including electronic devices, fuel systems, and more. Zinc responds remarkably well to the molding process as well.

Zinc die casting uses either a regular machine or a multi-slide machine, depending on the type of metal being cast.

  1. Automotive die casting

The way parts for the automotive industry are created is continually being changed as new technologies become available. Asia die casting company uses this technology in the industry to create metal parts with virtually unlimited depths, shapes, and forms.

Die casting is a process in which molten metal is poured into a casting mold under pressure, allowing it to make objects with even the most complex geometry and with exceptional precision. All of these factors combined make die casting the ideal answer for the automobile sector, where dimensional accuracy in parts is vital.


So get started with the services of a die casting firm and receive extremely desirable results at a low cost. This will allow you to select the greatest solutions for you at an affordable price without having to worry.